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Brigade brass band which was founded as far as back as in 1904. The name of the band is derived from the name of a village called "Božejov" located between Pelhřimov and Kamenice nad Lipou.

BOŽEJÁCI plays at balls, parties, concerts and festivals around the Czech Republic. Since the foundation the band BOŽEJÁCI has been led by lots of bandleaders and a lot of very good musicians were members of this band.


1904 – 1915

Ferdinand Kumžák

1915 – 1932

Ferdinand Kumžák ml.

1932 – 1963

Josef Kumžák

1963 – 1969

František Březina

1969 – 1980

Václav Jelínek

1980 – 1983

Čeněk Zeman

1984 – 2007

Jan Březina

from 24. 11. 2007

Pavel Skalník

Under the leadership of Jan Březina BOŽEJÁCI became one the best Czech brass bands. The popularity of  the band is illustrated by the collection of awards: 1. place at the „Polka-fest“ contest, 2. place at the public enquiry of the Czech Radio The Brass Band of the Century, 1. place at the brass band contest in Mikulov „O zlaty hrozen jizni Moravy“ and 1. place at the „Vejvodova Zbraslav 2002“ festival. BOŽEJÁCI performs on Czech Television and on Czech Radio too.

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